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Mailbox Rental


  • Mailbox rentals are priced at two different rates, one for personal and the other for a business.

  • There is a $20 set-up fee that is to be paid upon signing up. If you use our discount plan, and pay for six or twelve months, the set-up fee will be waived.

  • There is a three month minimum commitment when you first sign up.

  • You will also need to present two pieces of I.D. for each person.

  • When you want to close your box, you will have to fill out a closing agreement and return the key. If you do not do so, your mailbox will remain opened and you will owe from month after month until you fill out the agreement and return the key.




Get the convenience of text and/or email notifications if a package arrives for you!






Personal Mailbox

$40 / month

Business Mailbox

$45 / month

You can choose to pay monthly after the three month commitment or pre-pay with one of our discount plans:


6 Months

Pay for six months and get the seventh free


12 Months

Pay for twelve months and get the following three months free


Your new mailing address will look as followed:

First & Last Name
151 1st Ave. #___
New York, NY 10003




  • Do not use P.O. Box (Post Office Box) for your mailing address.

  • Your mail is placed into your mailbox, but if you have anything too large to fit, there will be a tag/mail slip inside your box indicating you have a large package. Take that slip to an employee and they will retrieve your package.

  • You can receive shipments and mail from any carrier (FedEx, UPS, Airborn, DHL, Messenger and Carrier services, etc.)